Did you know that storytelling is the most natural way of understanding the world and experiencing life?
In times of overwhelming multimedia trash, eroding the cultural and social heights of our civilization, short cinema is an island, surrounded and protected by the cliffs of creativity and artistry, preserving truth and sense from the waves of the (dis)information ocean, that we drown in every day.

It's constantly growing and becoming vaster - starting to look more like a continent, full of breathtaking views, perspectives, choices and emotions. Rivers run through it, and you can tell their water tastes different - it's actually fresh, but it takes some time to get used to it.

Most importantly, this island is not swallowed by sharks - big studios, big media, or, shortly, big money. Every single artist there has nothing, but his heart, imagination and freedom to share a story with you.
What we do?
We provide a free shuttle to this island. Without ads.
What we want?
To make it accessible to everyone, everywhere, at any time. To amaze you: so many of life's infinite layers are told in short film stories, that it's inevitable. We promise.
Why do we want to bring all this wisdom to you(r pocket)?!
Because you'll need it. But not just you: we, as a species will need it. In times full of controversies, wars, cultural conflicts, social anger, political madness, fear...wisdom can be crucial.
How we do it?
by an international team of editors and curators, maintaining this beautiful website on a daily basis
by supporting the filmakers with events organization, internet campaigns, festivals and distribution consultation
by creating and shaping regular flows of short films and info into mainstream media
by discovering new audiences
by creating partnership network around short films
by improving cinematography knowledge and critical thought through educational events and initiatives
you're welcome to write us, if you want to find out more

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