Do you want to enter our adventure?
Kinematograf is an ambitious project, developed by youngsters with brave hearts, full of love to cinema, and will to inspire. Short cinema is so much full of all discovered and still undiscovered aspects of life, that keeping daily the flow of all these stories becomes our solid base to develop a better scene for this remarkable art hence better connection between the filmakers and their audiences.
Do you feel something ambiguous is happening around us?
The moral base of our activity is that we are really tired of all the bullshit, coming out daily from the traditional media and the digital media, aligned to the what is so called "mass taste". They do not respond to it, they provoke and more or less shape this tasteless "mass taste". Because of this we see more and more people, and kids most importantly getting confused what a good life experience is. There's need to ignite more love and trust among us, to keep more peace and coherence in our societies, otherwise our kids will be lost in the arised mental wars we are witness of. Kinematograf, we believe, is a small part of this movement, getting more and more powerful around the world, as more and more people realize how rigged the system is.
Some thoughts on becoming a part of Kinematograf
If you have an eye on short films, you are brave, and you want to inspire people, then you are welcome to join.

Keep in mind we are an idea with impact, rather than a job provider. At least for now.

What if we tell you 1 hour per week is enough to be effective member of our team?!

We do different activities, correlated in ways, widening the valuable output of each one, and we want to do even more. For this reason, we develop our organizational structure horizontally, following the logic of blockchain.

No need to be an expert. It's enough to be passionate with shorts, to be curious enough and to be ready to go deeper into short cinema. Having some considerable experience with some sophisticated expressions like essays, film critiques, book, or even films is highly recommended.

We do not expect to work for us. We invite you to be part of the living soul of this project. To meet new people, to share ideas, to exchange views on films and that way develop our own minds. To participate something with delicate but remarkable impact. Do you know what happens when a child is touched by a good film?
What you could do?
Currently we work mainly on 3 sub projects of Kinematograf - this website, events and workshops with students. These are the positions currently needed to maintain all of this:


amplifies the film experience with a thoughtful review, selects films for events
main editor

keeps an eye on the big picture of the website, works actively with the curators
educational expert

participates and assists organization of events with students

vote for films, sent to us by their creators and give an useful and constructive insight
regional cinema guru

assists to seek and contact filmakers from particular regions

To apply for becoming a member of our organization, it's enough to send us an e-mail with your names, what you may do for Kinematograf and 2 films which have amazed you and explain why. Our mailbox is

How does this benefit you?
Access to all our internal film bases, which is times richer than the publicly available films on site. We have also films, not being yet released online. We have also collected lots of articles, materials and interviews from all over the world, concerning any aspects of short cinema.

A good ground to contact filmakers from all over the world.

Regular "secret" events, limited for our team only to watch films, laugh, discuss, exchange thoughts, and meet new people, inspired about what we do, like you.

Last, but not least, we can offer a legit document for your work on our project, to be used in CV or prove experience.
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